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22nd Sep
performance window tinting

Performance Window Tinting Tips

As a vehicle owner, you take pride in your car. When it comes to your car, there are many things you can do to make sure it performs at its peak. Window tinting is one such option that comes with a host of other benefits for your car and its longevity. Hiring a seasoned performance window tinting company should be…

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8th Sep
sports car window tint

Sports Car Window Tint Benefits

When it comes to looking after your sports car, one of the best treatments you can invest in is window tinting. Sports car window tint not only prolongs the longevity of your vehicle and makes it look sleek and aesthetically pleasing, but also comes with numerous other benefits for both you and your car. How Does Window-Tinting Work? Sports car…

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1st Sep
commercial tinting services

Going Green with Commercial Tinting Services

Architecture has evolved through the years, exploring many design trends and features. Today, the trend leans toward incorporating glass into commercial and office building designs for its sleek and professional finish. Storefronts take advantage of the durable and transparent nature of glass for displays and marketing. Commercial tinting services offer decorative, aesthetic, and protective advantages to the inclusion of glass…

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25th Aug
boat tint

Boat Tint – Sea-nic Protection

Marine and boat window film bring the cool factor to your boating experience in more ways than one. Undoubtedly, boat tint brings a smooth, sleek look to your sea vessel, elevating your style level on the docks; but it also has may practical perks. Privacy Tinting offers you with an element of privacy. Available in various levels of opacification and…

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11th Aug
home window tinting

Beautiful Home Window Tinting – Inside and Out

For many years, people have used window tinting in order to modify or enhance their windows. Car and boat windows are examples of windows that have been given the tint treatment.  Nowadays more and more people are using home window tinting as a way of enhancing the decorative appeal of their homes. What is Window Tinting? Window tinting is when…

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8th Aug
high quality window tinting

Can You Spot High Quality Window Tinting?

Window tinting has become an appealing modification which many people, for various reasons, consider making to their car, boat or home windows. As with all alterations, different people, installers and companies fit their products (window film in this case) to different standards. It is therefore important to be able to identify high quality window tinting. What Is Window Tinting and…

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1st Aug
Window Film Installation Company

How to Choose a Window Film Installation Company

Window tinting is a necessity when living and working in the bright South Florida sunshine. Choosing a window film installation company among many can be difficult. You want people who know what they are doing so that you can rest easy that your car, office, or home interior will remain undamaged by sunlight, with the highest quality tint. When it…

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30th Jun
security window film

How Strong is Security Window Film

Safety is everyone’s concern. With the increasing threat of vandalism, a larger world population, ease of travel, and accessibility to weaponry, crime and spontaneous break-ins are on the rise. When assessing your asset for its possible weaknesses, a miscreant will always look for the path of easiest entry, which has always been glass. Building and vehicle windows are easily compromised…

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23rd Jun
Window Tinting Service

Window Tinting Service You Can Trust

Light. An essential part of living. Too much of a good thing can kill you though, and South Florida is famous for its sunshine. That is why window tinting is an essential part of our lives. We need it to keep our AC working well, and protect our assets.  Did you know that tinted windows aren’t only available on your…

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16th Jun
car window tinting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Window Tinting

Pimp My Ride may have inspired plenty of DIY-enthusiasts to take their car’s features into their own hands, but car window tinting certainly shouldn’t be one of them. While motorists may think window tinting professionals drive a hard bargain, it is undeniably worth that little bit extra. Here’s why: Eight Reasons to go Pro for Your Car Window Tinting Needs:…

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